To all exhibitors!  
  Carefully check the closing-date of entries, the adress to send the entry-forms to and the entry-fee. Bankaccount-number to pay to can be found under each show respectively.

Fill out your entry-form very carefully. You must be aware of that exhibitor is responsible for that correct information is given in the form!

Entry-fee should be paid in good time and must be entered in the bankaccount at the latest the date of entries closing.

Foreign exhibitors must enclose with the entry-forms one copy each of payment, pedigree and if applicable, wcc.

For all breeds counts that the same dog can be entered in one (1) class only.

Note! It is up to the exhibitor to see that the dog is entered in the right class with the right information. For dogs with incorrect information or in the wrong class the aquired results can be cancelled.

For more information go to

Click here to download a PDF with information on how an exhibition works for a visitor. (In Swedish)